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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Looks like I haven't been drawing for a long long time! Yeh.. school, tests, extra classes, homework and all these blah were keeping me busy throughout the year. Glad they all came to an end after my finals! Right now it's basically time for some movies. ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

The second term is ending right away in two days and duh bye! Here comes the long break until 2014. Gonna have some fun before school starts.


I did my first sketch in this year, hoorah!

It's the holidays and I have so much time on my hands, but the luxury of time has brought me nothing except guilt. I feel really guilty when I waste too much time being on the computer without any purpose. ( ⌣́,⌣̀)

Anyway, here are some screenshots of my avatar sleeping from my line play.


.... and my avatar struggling to do sit ups. Being chubby isn't always a good thing.

Here's a tiny trick on how to earn more gems in line play. It's pretty easy and you will get like a bunch of gems after doing it. But I'm not gonna talk about it in this post so do visit this P A G E if you are in dire need of gems for a bathtub, or a tv maybe. It really works!

bye for now. Have fun. ^ヮ^
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