blogging as a sixteen-year-old
Friday, August 30, 2013

(birthday gift from xinqi)


I turned sixteen a month ago and wasn't at all happy to be old. Still, I would love to thank every one for the birthday wishes!

I'm so sorry for my absence. I think I've been really busy for the past month and ran out of ideas for my blog posts. It makes me wonder if anyone actually checks out this blog, like.... because I used to blog a lot back then. Haha. (。ノω\。)

Anyway, here's a little about my life. I got back my results for the July class test and I think I did pretty okay. Not as good but still okay. Kinda sad because my math grades aren't improving but happy on the other side because I aced in physics, chemistry and biology! My finals are coming up in a month and I want some motivation to study for it so I can be better. ヾ(  ̄▽)ゞ

An adorable handmade charm from sinying! Aww this is so かわいい

i||l|i( ;゚∀゚; )||i|li;

I tried my luck on the vending machine and this was what I got.
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