a new year
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy 2017!
ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙

It's been sooooooo long. I have been gone for a while.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The past three weeks of my life was pretty occupied. School, lectures and tutorials had driven me crazy. :(
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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I haven't blogged in a while. Life was pretty busy exactly a year before. To be truthful, my senior year in high school wasn't a stressful one, but for zero reasons I was assuming it to be. And for now I'm hoping that this one sentence could explain my absence better than a lengthy blog post.

Right after graduating from high school and having the study cleaned, I haven't been doing anything productive. Basically the laziness in my genes grew and grew and in no time I'm back to the old lazy bum I always am, except for a fact that I'm worse than how I used to be. Things are more effortless during the holidays, for I'm not given maths to complete, biology notes to do, and sleep to sacrifice. However, during this long break I've done countless of things. I went for a driving licence. I traveled. I read. I went for movies. I learned more about the camera. And all the usuals that you would probably doze off while going through them.

If I haven't already mentioned that I've spent most of my days on youtube, then now I am. I disliked youtube back in my younger days, but it feels more like a talking google to me now. I learned how to function a sewing machine and made a couple of pouches and bags. Sewing is pretty fun, but you do thinkings. Yeah. Thinkings.
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happy cny
Monday, February 03, 2014

hope you have/had a great one

ヾ( ゚∀゚)ノ゙

I was thinking the other day about typing up a blog post but the laziness in my genes got in my way. Just in case you ever wonder why there is so much silence in my blog, I don't even know. Truth is I got a little busier, and a little lazier. CX

Anyway my cny wasn't particularly fun but it was overall great. I was being such a good kid to help out in the kitchen for the reunion dinner although what I'd done was basically some beginner cooking and veteran tasting.  ((┓( ̄∀ ̄)┏)) The really sad part about my cny was that I did not get to visit most of my relos because I was preparing to fly back for school. sighs. :(

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hectic holidays
Thursday, December 26, 2013

I've just settled into my new home!! Things are getting better already.

The last few weeks I've been a little busy because of my moving into a new house and city, so that sort of explains my absence and lack of updates. Everyone in the house was busy packing up things and things and things and preparing to leave. I don't know if it's just me, I enjoy moving to a new place where I can totally start a new life and no one in the city actually knows about me. This time round, I'm moving to the east of m'sia, after spending a few years in the west. What I really hate about staying in the east is that air travelling is unavoidable. I always have issues when it comes to air travelling, air planes and nearly everything related to the sky because my Eustachian tube that fails to open all the time causes uneven pressure in my ears which makes me suffer a lot upon descent. I've tried all sort of methods - chewing, swallowing, yawning, ear plugging, taking sinus medication, blowing, but nothing tend to work. I swear these would help some of the people out there but certainly not me. ヾ(o´Д`)ノ So in short, I hate dealing with air planes...

The year end holidays are coming to an end like real soon. And again, I have yet to do anything productive at all. Anime shows and dramas basically sum up what I have been doing throughout the holidays. I hate spending my life on the internet but I really just can't stop myself from doing it. :,(


Wowwwww, I didn't know I'd go this far to get myself a Japanese-looking uniform. (*゚ー゚)
It's a longline blouse from cotton on and a school ribbon from a 100yen shop.


Happy holidays and happy new year in advance! 'Till then, have a nice day ahead!
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